Work-Trade Positions:

Work-trade shifts are 3hrs per day during the festival (except build crew). If you plan on getting early entry, plan on working that day as well! Total hours: 8-12

Those who get accepted for our work trade program will deposit a full ticket amount (you get a separate ticket price: a work-trade ticket) and receive a 60% refund to that ticket upon completion of all hours at event.

In order to be considered for a work-trade ticket look at the descriptions below, choose 2-3 that you may like and apply! (application at bottom of page)

Ticket Office:

Are you dependable, comfortable handling cash and a point-of-sale system? You will be one of the first people that event goers will meet when they drive up to the gates so a friendly attitude is a must! Duties include: checking will-call tickets, selling tickets and parking passes, checking in artists and workshop curators, greeting people. Must have a smartphone, be organized, friendly, outgoing. Looking for those with a customer service or sales background.


Do you like organization and puzzles? Work with our parking lead to fit as many cars into as little space as possible. Duties include directing traffic, giving instructions, ensuring proper fire lanes, speaking with people, Must be able to follow orders well and stand for extended periods of time.

Green Team:

Do you want to make sure the festival is in tip-top cleanly order? This position is like being a free-range chicken. You get to manage yourself and walk around the festival cleaning up shop! Duties include: Emptying garbage cans, restocking toilet paper and wood chips, trash patrol. Must be able to lift 10-30lbs, requires walking, and pushing a wheelbarrow. Sanitary equipment will be provided.


If you like bringing people together with food there are several awesome kitchen opportunities*:

  1. Prep-work: Help prep all the food that will be cooked for breakfast! This ensures that enough food is ready to be cooked, you are making the process run smoothly! Duties: cutting, dicing, washing, mixing.

  2. Cooking: (early morning shift) Making the food. Are you comfortable cooking for groups of 100+? Would you be able to be part of a crew that is doing this? Duties: cooking, chopping food, working around stoves and other kitchen equipment.

  3. Serving/Cleanup: Bring the food to people and connect with them. This support team to the kitchen is an integral part of the flow of the kitchen. We will have opening breakfast song too! You don’t have to sing but is a plus if you feel comfortable joining in. Duties: carrying food, serving to event goers, cleaning up serving dishes and utensils.

    *All positions require ability to follow food safety code (food-handlers permits help), standing for extended periods of time, lifting 10lbs or heavier, working on a team and following orders.

Guest Services:

Do you like helping people? Guest services is the nice little bow on the event package. You are the one people come to when they have a question, concern or need help. Not for the introvert. Duties: familiarize self with the event, the lookout arts quarry and hold space for others. Must be friendly, organized, feel comfortable answering questions for others. Customer service background preferred

Ice Team:

Wim Hof Support crew! (disclaimer: early morning shift) Get everyone ready to plunge into an ice bath.. You can join em if you’d like. Duties: pick up ice, load and unload. Must be able to lift 50lbs, wake up early, hold a valid drivers license and a clean driving record.

Build Crew:

Set up the festival! Help us clean up the property, set up the kitchen, decorate and build stages. Duties include but are not limited to: cleaning, decorating, lifting, weeding . We will find a job for you! Must be able to use proper safety procedures, follow orders, able to lift 30-50lbs min., able to work in a group, able to stand for extended periods. We don’t want to hurt you. Must come to 2 days of set-up. Lunches or snack provided. Dates TBD