MountainMind // Design created and driven by the passion for elevating others

Erica Kutz, founder of Mountainmind, is currently nomadic in New Zealand living out of a van. She took a year off to climb, freelance and build her collective. 

Erica designed our Flow State Summit poster, using an original design piece called Rainier Sunrise. Aside from designing rad event posters & gear, she is a creative, a yogi, a meditation guide, an advocate for Veganism, and an explorer and also has a team of ambassadors that represent her brand. All Flow State Summit Gear is sold directly through her here. 

Rep your gear, and if you tag @mountainmind she may feature you on her insta.


Much love Erica - can't wait to have you back in Bellingham. 

Erica at the Lookout Arts Quarry, what a babe. 

Erica at the Lookout Arts Quarry, what a babe.