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Adam Von Rothfelder is a performance lifestyle Coach and a motivational mind bomb. He believes his passion for movement started at a young age with gymnastics and martial arts. Growing up, he always dreamed of being a professional athlete. In 2008, he fought his first pro MMA fight, which set the course for what has been an amazing life. His career in fighting was short-lived, but the experience left a significant impression. He believes that as a former professional fighter, he truly understands what it is like to fight for what you want. In 2010, Von Rothfelder opened his first boutique training facility in his town of Milwaukee. Since then Adam has moved to LA and has been seen on NBC “Strong” as 1-10 of the Nations best trainers in addition to Co-Hosting the Barbell Shrugged podcast.


What can you expect from Adam at the Flow State Summit? He will be one of our many presenters during the expert panel during our opening ceremony:

"I’d like to break the misconceptions around breakfast and help people focus on there nutritional needs around there activity level and life style they live. Nutrition isn’t a one size fits all but there are rules that can’t be broken and one of them is skipping breakfast is it is technically impossible. A conversation that when understood can alter your perception around eating as a whole."

I have been dancing, kicking and shining a kettle bell combined for over 28 years. I feel at piece when I get lost in music and all that exists is the movement. Sure I love lifting heavy shit, but I will always maintain what I call grace throughout the development of my strength. 


I think the future is bright for human optimization. As a matter of fact I think the future of fitness will be within the confines of our own consciousness. It is our feeling to belong or almost be defined by a dogmatic structure. Once we let go of self, we will truly find optimization without restriction

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Why are you stoked to be involved in the first Flow State Summit?

In the words of Kanye West “.. Because my life is awesome and I only do dope shit”
This is a dope event, with dope people. What could go wrong :) 
Summer Huntington