The Purrrrfect Set

With Flow State Summit being a festival based right outside of Bellingham, there's no way we could miss out on including some well loved, well known local acts in the mix. Cat Passidy, otherwise known as Pat Cassidy in his less feline based endeavors, is an electronic music act based out of Bellingham, Washington. If you like bass, disco and especially funk, this is a set you will not regret boogie-ing down to, and dance with all these other cool cats.



"I’m going to play a set of funky bass music at the Floating Dock, among many of my friends and fellow B'ham DJ's. I’ll have a few things planned but for the most part will be playing off the vibe which I am anticipating to be magical. As always I’ll want to bring the energy up and drop new music I've found or made. I know it’s going to be a special night and I’ve been gathering and producing music with Flow State in mind for months now so I think awesome moments are bound to take place and I'm pretty eggcited."


On his best memory of being in Flow:

"There have been a few particularly memorable instances of flow I’ve had in life, many of which have occurred while DJ’ing. It doesn’t happen every time I play but when it does it feels splendid. This one time at the Wild Buffalo in B'ham I'd say that I entered my ~ { {{ flow state }} } ~ and it's a show that stands out to in my memory. At a certain point, quick off the start, everything just clicked, I entered a state of hyper focus on the task at hand where my thinking brain surrendered to my feeling brain (which is much better at DJ’ing and connecting with people haha). I had a particular awareness and connection with the feelings in the room and in the crowd that gave me an unhesitating confidence and ease with my mixing that was continuously fortified by the reactions from the crowd to the mix. People were really gettin’ down and having fun. I finished my set buzzing with a wonderful electricity and satisfaction."


Cat Passidy says hes excited to be a part of this first Flow State Summit because "it makes me happy to help people enjoy themselves, reconnect with nature, music, art and each other and I think Flow State Summit will be a great place for that. I also think a lot of people are going be exposed to new experiences with flow, music, or art that might bring something new and different to their life, but in the very least expand their view of the world. I think that a broader perspective develops more understanding being, and understanding beings bring about inner and outer peace to the world which is dolphinately a dope thing."

To get a taste of this funk-tastic set, check out his SoundCloud page here.

Summer Huntington