Curating the Culture of Flow State Summit

Jade Sanders, is a DJ from Seattle who goes by the name of MTBTZ. Jade is one of many DJs at Flow State Summit representing MIND at LARGE -A Seattle-based artists collective and production team who use organic and electronic mediums to create interactive events and art installations. He is also one of the curators for the music lineup at flow state summit, so he couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of this event.


MTBTZ will be performing an electronic music act on Friday night, along side all of his 'MaL' family. About MIND at LARGE Jade says:

"Our energy feeds off of each other and builds into a really fantastic vibe, which is sure to keep a dance party interesting all night long! We really can't wait to set the tone for the weekend, and meet everyone around!"
Jade Sanders.jpg

Friday night, the first night of Flow State Summit, will definitely be a night to remember.

flow state summit lineup.png

On why he thinks everyone should come to the FSS:

"What better place to be, than surrounded by a group of people with the purist intent, differences set aside if even for a few days, to share a moment as a community. Bonus: those people will teach you how to bend and stretch, and some will teach you how to wiggle and dance!"

Jade is excited to be performing on a lineup with such talented artists and to share his sound with a new crowd. He looks forward to sharing his music and time with all of you.

Summer Huntington