Lost in the Sauce

Jordan Guzak, also known as AOTA, is a Seattle-based Dj. He will be presenting a diverse EDM flow set at the Flow State Summit. Aota's music ranges from bass with heavy drops to chill floaty beats that get your head bobbing.


On creativity and flow:

Being an artist has its ups and downs when it comes to creativity and few things are more frustrating than having a desire to make some unique sounds or push creative barriers when writers block has taken over but like a cramped muscle, eventually it gives way to the flow.
I've been writing electronic music for almost nine years now so it's hard for me to point to a specific moment of flow but I love the experience of getting lost in the sauce making a song, ending the production session and feeling like I was in a dream but with a tangable product that reflects my mood and energy from that period of time.
aota headshot.jpg

Nothing inspires me more than being surrounded by talented artists and creatives. Festivals are the perfect incubator for getting new ideas and expanding ones musical perspective so I'm really looking forward to meeting and listening to as many acts as possible! Not to mention camping, I love me some outdoors :)

Summer Huntington