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Jenn Green is a Midwest transplant that has been living in the PNW for nearly 4 years now. Originally from Detroit, she lived in Chicago for 6 years and has been enjoying her surroundings in Seattle.

"I've been DJing for a year now. Aside from club DJing, radio has been my biggest love and longest hobby, with 12 years of experience. I have been producing online radio shows for 8 years now. I help run a little online radio station and host a weekly radio show every Wednesday. My show, Greenhaus Radio has been broadcasting on RWD FM for 5 years now." Every Wednesday it streams live from 1-3pm PST, 3-5pm CST & 4-6pm EST.



"I really want to put together a set of electronic music and other influencing sounds that changes shifts moods, tempos and BPM. Music is an amazing healing tool and outlet for me as i'm sure it is for many others. My goal is always to play from my heart and to provide people with new soundscapes that encourage both movement and connection with others. "


On her best memory of being completely in Flow:

"2013 was a very spiritual time in my life where I felt completely at peace and in-sync with myself and my surrounds. I felt powerful and communication seemed so easy. I was taking great mental and physical care of myself and it was a beautiful time in my life. I wasn't harping on myself, I was involved in a great nurturing community and the sky was the limit."

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When asked about why Jenn was interested in, and excited to be involved in Flow State Summit, she summarized it by saying, "I am all about unity, any situation in which creativity is being harvested - shared and encourage. For decades, centuries and lifetimes.. movement, dancing, music, our communities, wellness have been apart of this human experience. Sharing our stories and hearing the stories of others is what contributes to our growth, helps shape our perspectives and how to extend ourselves to serve others. "

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