Connecting Spirits with Music

Flow State Summit has some representation from Oregon too, Matt, also known by his artist name Streeter, has been performing live music since he was a kid, and has been DJing and working with electronic music for four or five years now. Professionally, he just started his career in the nightlife industry as head of social media for No Vacancy Lounge in Portland. He's a resident DJ there, and was a resident DJ with Q Nightclub and several nights in Seattle when he resided there.


Streeter has taken his eclectic, assertive approach to underground dance music to venues throughout the Pacific Northwest. His repertoire includes a deep catalog of house, techno, nu-disco, breakbeats, drum and bass, halftime, hip-hop, and more. Frequently employed within the span of the same set, and mixed with a style informed by nearly two decades of live music performance, the result is a seamless mix of disparate styles that has kept crowds moving on the dance floor for nights including Studio 4/4, Flammable, Noise Complaint, Soft Option, Infinite Vision, MadHouse, Paradise, WORK!, and more.


"Music festivals are great," he said, "but music festivals with a higher purpose of connection and activity set themselves apart. It really does go hand in hand with the spiritual well-being that yoga provides. Plus, it doesn't hurt to make sure your booty looks good before you go and shake it all night. Just excited to spend the weekend in the great outdoors with all of my homies, sharing music & conversation!"


Streeter will be playing a DJ set at Flow State, where he plans to play all of his favorite, weird, funky, broken beats and four on the floor bass lines to keep the dance floor moving. To check out his tunes before hand, check out his Spotify page.

Summer Huntington