Flow in Action

Flow State Summit has a lot to offer on many levels, this performance artist extraordinaire adds a whole new layer of visual stimulation. LadyBEAST is a circus artist based in New Orleans, LA. specializing in Houdini-esque illusions, aerial, bottle walking, fire performance, and stilt walking. She is the lead producer of productions including Vaude d'Gras, Levity, YardBaret and co-producer of the world famous, Edwardian Ball. LadyBEAST started as a flow artist many years ago after being a track athlete on the path to the Olympics, flow brought her to circus artists and becoming a movement professional.



In terms of human optimization, and what modalities that includes in the future, she sees more of an emergence in ballet, yoga, circus, breath training, and pilates

On her best memory of being completely in Flow:

"[Those] brief moments of time where all the pieces fall into place, and it happens throughout life, and I attempt to achieve those goals daily."

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"The body is the most important thing, people train their minds with school. It is equally important to educate the body on many styles of movement to better yourself.

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I'm stoked to support a fellow boss lady (Summer) who works hard at the craft of her body in order to educate others for the use of their body more efficiently and with awareness. I have yet to be a body educator and aspire to some day; I am still focused on the mastery of my own body to one day relay the information on. I am excited to show other body conscious individuals my craft and how movement of many disciplines informs me and my work."

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Experience the ordinary turned extraordinary through Levity, a collaboratively conceived show by New Orleans based circus company, LadyBEAST Productions. Visualize the stark interior worlds of the human existence as each artist leads you through their own mind’s journey - beginning with the simple act of sitting in a chair. This somatic theater narrative is supported by a musical score created by Bemya Nymph. Bemya uses layering of his voice and sound effects to integrate the conceptualized pace of each tale presented.

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Summer Huntington