A HYDEF State of Mind

This is HYDEF, but his friends call him Will. HYDEF is an artist, DJ, event producer, creative director, and vibe curator. Will appreciates all styles of music, but as an artist he finds the steady groove of house music to be completely universal to listeners. 

"House music has forged a deeper connection between myself, others, and all that vibrates around us. I like to design sets to be energetic and uplifting with a hint of nostalgia and just enough swag to set the course."

For Flow State expect HYDEF to bring some "vibey late night weirdness" to the dance floor. You can expect driving 4/4 beats that are heavy on the bass with a touch of gangster lean and don't be surprised if he sneaks in a sing a long. Will is excited to be sandwiched by the rest of the MIND at LARGE crew on the bill which should set Friday night off proper.


With so many beautiful souls in such a beautiful venue how could you miss this event? The setting looks absolutely stunning. The flow artists, yoga instructors, and musicians are primed to make Flow State memorable. Add in the fact that we have swimming on site and with some delicious food and it's easy to see why I'm excited for this adventure.


I love building things. Art installations, relationships, connections, businesses. Getting in on the ground floor is always exciting because opportunities are endless and the only bad ideas are the ones you don't seize. Furthermore, jumping in on Year 1 at Flow State Summit gives me a chance to help curate the communal vibes, culture, and ethos that we're collectively forming and I couldn't be anymore excited! Link to his Soundcloud page here so you can check out these dirty beats ;)

Summer Huntington