Driving the Rhythm

Snag a ticket to Flow State Summit! Our line-up was curated with local music in mind. Hailing from Seattle, Alexander Hume, or EMUH, relies on the sounds and stories of the technology around him, as well as his experiences, to construct unique musical environments. 

When I first experienced Flow I didn't know what it was. After reading The Second Circle by Patsy Rodenburg, I better understood how to activate and access higher states of performance and being. This also drastically affected my appreciation of Flow, as well as helped me recognize its role in the art of performance.


When asked why he was most excited to participate in Flow State Summit, Hume explained, "I'm excited to share my music, as well as participate in a healing and restorative process." and that people should come "to better understand yourself- psychically and physically, to free yourself of society's pressures and to dance!"


On his best memory of being completely in Flow::::::

"This last weekend playing in Eugene with Chick Iverson and ZOF - the audience and performers were together in mind, body, and spirit. The music acts as a glue that brings us all close... and keeps us together. "

On how can we better serve in our communities and integrate Flow::::::

"Encouraging freedom of expression in all places and by all humans."


With a steady beat that will keep you dancing and sweating all night long, EMUH is not a set you want to miss at Flow State Summit. Prepare yourself for the dancefloor with a taste on his Soundcloud page.

Summer Huntington