Down Tempo Exploration

Flow State Summit is more than just physical flow, but an exploration of rhythm, beats and art. One of our amazing artists, Branden Clarke is IG88, and he shares the love. A prolific solo producer and remixer. The primary producer for both the electrosoul goddess Shaprece and midnight hour-dwelling rap group Triceracorn. A performer sharing stages with the likes of Battles, Tycho, SZA and Odesza. Part-time friend to all living creatures.

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There’s nature and grit married to hope and longing in the music: expansive, sweeping landscapes painted with syrup synths and found sounds plucked from the air around him. Flow has impacted Clarke, because his work is fully based around flow he says.

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He fashions breathy, swamp gas compositions from a warped life and a perspective forced out of a bent smile: beats with broken wind chimes, paper airplanes hitting a wooden door, fine silverware in the hands of a restless drummer. He’s skipping rocks on the ocean on an overcast day. He’s handing you a blanket that’s both wet and warm.


Question and Answer!

What is your best memory of being completely in Flow? 

- Sliding out of my mom and into those DMs

What do you think the future of human optimization holds? I.e. what training modalities to you see emerging? 

- AI streamlining an inevitably bleak dystopian wasteland, I am inadvertently contributing to this as a 9-5 member of the tech industry.

How can we better serve in our communities and integrate Flow? (people who do a service oriented practice or workshops that affect special populations). 

- BBQ in your yard and hand vegan hot dogs to passerby every day


When asked what he was most excited about to be involved with Flow State Summit, he summarized it succinctly, "[It's the] exquisite human interaction and seeing if I can voluntarily touch my toes, heady vibes, and Zeitgeist fractals." Don't miss out on this transcendent set at the Summit! Check out IG88 Soundcloud page to get a taste of what you're in store for.

Summer Huntington