Steel Mace at the Flow State Summit

What's up fam, I am Leo Urquides, aka the Savage.  I am an ONNIT Certified Coach for Steel Mace Flow and will be attending the first annual Flow State Summit, it’s going to be life changing, do not miss it. Grab your ticket here.


My life’s work is simple.  Inspire, educate and put STEEL MACE IN HANDS.  I believe we all are called to that in some form, whether with a steel mace, a clubbell, a movement modality, whatever it is that ignites that fire within and creates flow, it is our duty to share with the world.

The mace transformed my life.  It literally took me over, now I can not put it down.  It converted me from a video gaming MMA fighter to the Savage I am today.  I travel the country leading Steel Mace Flow workshops, teaching people of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds how to find their flow with the mace.  I am STOKED to be bringing this to the Flow State Summit. I hope to continue to grow a tribe of SAVAGES here in the PNW.

Some of you may have seen the work we did at the Steel Mace Workshop hosted by Summer Huntington back in March.  It changed my life. The tribe grew, seeds were planted, the fire was lit. The group of people I spent that week with were some of the most genuine, loving, open hearted REAL SAVAGES I have ever met.  I can not WAIT to come back and see what the tribe is up to and flow together again in just a couple more months.

Also, the venue for the Flow State Summit, the Lookouts Art Quarry ..... dope AF. 

Bellingham Flow Tribe

Bellingham Flow Tribe

In my 2 day workshop at the Flow State Summit, we will be building a solid education of basic foundational skills for your strength and passion to grow from.

Your success with the mace comes from annihilating the basics and building a rock solid foundation practice.

Take your time.  Dedicate to it.

Challenge yourself to master it.

When the mace becomes an extension of you is when you start to enter into the flow state and the art happens, or what I call, Dynamic Expression.

Day 2 Education is my PERSONAL roadmap into Flow. It’s your dance, your mace is your dance partner.  You choose the choreography, you become the savage.


As a coach in both flowstate and in wielding a mace, it is my goal to uncover the absolute highest potential in people and help them see it, grab it and attain it, for themselves. I don’t want them to just be as good as me, I want them TO BE BETTER.

Being a Savage means that you stay true to who you are. Have the strength to be yourself at all costs. Blush, cry, dance, express whatever is most savagely, authentically, you.

We have a calling to do something BEAUTIFUL with our strength.  I don’t want to train fit people who just workout. I want to inspire people to become a Workout Artist! To find their flow and to share it with a world who desperately needs it.

It is our collective DUTY as a free thinking flow community. Our work is meant to be beautiful, which varies from person to person.  Helping a friend in need because you were strong enough to help them or possess the necessary information to guide somebody in transition is just as beautiful.

Flow State Summit, without a doubt, is going to be SAVAGE AF.  The variety of teachers, educators, coaches and just overall quality of human beings coming together is mind blowing.  And the party probably will be just as savage. Come play with us. Come Flow. Get your ticket here.

Stay savage.


Summer Huntington