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My name is Atara. I am many things, none of them static, with the exception of being a student! I am part of the presenting team for the first annual Flow State Summit and would love to share my love of movement with you there.  If curious, check out the prep course / admission link here to get it for half off, my treat!

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I have been a dancer since elementary school, everything from dance teams to dance classes mostly concentrating on jazz, ballet & hip-hop. From dance, and also through my mother, I learned about yoga, where I found a close second love.

I have been a curious yogi for coming up on eight years now, and will be going through my 200 hour YTT at the beginning of this December.


My workshop will be a non judgmental exploration of dance, rhythm and movement, providing a safe place for people to come into their own flow through movement.

I constantly hear that people don’t know how to dance, or how they only dance when they are drunk. I have heard many express a general feeling of awkward feelings or even embarrassment towards dancing in public and my hope is to help lower the walls that create that self judgment.

I want this to be a remembrance of how much dance and rhythm is a natural part of being a human.

How stimulated our bodies naturally are to music and sound.

That it is a moving meditation and a form of self expression, and a potentially powerful way to obtain a flow state.

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The workshop will include components of stretching, listening, moving, musicality, partner work, and improvisation. My main intention of this workshop are making people more comfortable with expressing themselves with movement and music, and to remind people that you do not need years of dance “experience” in order to look good/feel good/be good at dancing.

My best memory of being in flow was the first time I went to a festival. I had never danced with so many people at the same time before, never had music blasting so loud. I just remember the dust swirling around, and people looking the way they wish they always could.

The genuine beauty of the pure smiles on people's faces while they were dancing and swaying to the beat was, and still probably is, one of the best feelings in the world to me.

The only thing you could say I liked more was the feeling of the bass drumming my sternum and drifting me into another planet.

It felt like you could almost smell the music, it put me into a trance.

That was the first time I had danced around such a palpable energy, and I aim to be able to create more spaces like that in the future.

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Flow State Summit has curated such a diverse group of people for workshops, that there is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

Even if there isn’t an actual workshop set up yet, there could be. With the availability of skillshare as will, the opportunities truly are endless!!


There is going to be such a communal vibe, and the Lookout Arts Quarry is an absolutely stunning, natural setting for an event such as this.

The people putting this on have put so much intention and thought into Flow State Summit, and I think it is the beginning of something really beautiful.

Don’t forget that it’s not just workshops either! Plenty of music, circus acts, nude swimming and communal breakfast, you don’t want to miss this!  Take advantage of my discounted price here.  Will you come explore movement with us? I hope so!

- Atara


Summer Huntington