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Hi, my name is Minta! I am honored to be an ambassador for the first annual Flow State Summit. Take advantage of my affiliate code to get your ticket/prep course for 50% off before April 10th, we would love to see you there. 

I’ve been helping to pioneer the Embody Love Movement in the PNW since December of 2015. In these last two years, I have held 27 workshops for young girls, teens and adult folks who identify as female, as well as training's that guide others to share this work, and self-love/self-worth centered yoga and meditation practices for all people.

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At the Flow State Summit I am so excited for you all to experience the power of Embody Love Movement as we learn to heal the perspectives that have kept us hostage from our inherent self-worth due to societal standards of what “beauty, happiness and lovability” looks like.

THERE IS NO YOGA BODY! There is ONLY YOUR body, and it is ENOUGH!

THERE IS NO YOGA BODY! There is ONLY YOUR body, and it is ENOUGH!

Together, let us create a world where all see and speak to ourselves, and therefore each other, as lovable without condition!

Why do I care so much about this topic?

You may think that hearing "Honey, you should be a MODEL!"  would be a compliment at any age.

But instead, I grew up feeling that my most valuable asset was my appearance, something that is impermanent, ever-changing and conveys no measure of my character, of the person I am on inside. 

At just 17 years old while partaking in the print modeling and commercial industry in Los Angeles, what I experienced first hand about our media and the impact it has on our overall self-worth was exponential.

I was paid to be a product, an image, valued based on my waist size.


No matter how hard I worked to attain perfection, it was never possible and would never be sustainable.  

I watched photographers Photoshop away my hips, add size to my breasts, add volume to my hair, change the shape of my nose, take away all my freckles, scars and even pores!

I was encouraged to diet, to count calories, cut my meals in half and even try cigarettes and cocaine for appetite suppression.  I can’t remember a day that went by that I wasn’t told to lose another 5 lbs. No weight, no size was ever enough. 

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What we learn through yoga is that our physical bodies are impermanent, they are born, they age and then they die. Change is the only constant. Nothing is permanent, especially our appearance.  

After I started practicing yoga, the ways in which I thought my body was wrong and unlovable, slowly healed. While studying to achieve my BA in Human Development through Yoga, curating my senior thesis around body image and how yoga guides us towards our inherent self-worth, Embody Love Movement came into my life.  

The international nonprofit is about celebrating inner beauty, committing to kindness and contributing to meaningful change-making in the world.  

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You already are all you could ever wish to be.

This work is so addicting. When you sit in circle with folks who remove the veil, share their vulnerability with courage and authenticity and come out the other end with words like:

“This may have been the best thing I have done in my life.”

"Not only was it a critical and transformative look inwards, but it also showed me how to project that love outwards, to all my fellow humans. Embody Love Movement honestly granted me one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given.”
        — Zoe Kromer, 19 yrs old

It is clear that this work has to keep happening.  

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"One of the most courageous things we can do in our lives is to finally begin to tell ourselves the truth.”

To Embody Love — “To love yourself so deeply in all that you think, say, feel, and do that you have the capacity to show that love to others.”

I would love to walk with you through this journey.  Will you join us at this years Flow State Summit?  Come, flow, play and dig deeper into love, loving ourselves and others.  Hope to see you there



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