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Greetings everyone!

First off, many thanks and much gratitude for taking the time to read this, it shows you may be a little curious about what we are up to at the Flow State Summit.  Excellent, click here to get your prep course for my early bird special discount at 50% off! It ends April 10th so don't procrastinate!

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My name is Micheal Lorenzo Zwack.

As far back as I can remember, the guiding passion of my life has been to embrace the unknown, attempt to understand it, and then share it with others. This passion is why I know my contribution to the world is through teaching, coaching, and being of service to others.

Grounded in my own personal experience, the latest science, and an open heart & mind, I am dedicated toward creating a high-quality learning environment that facilitates self-reflection through curiosity and a deep gratitude for the acquisition of wisdom and critical thinking.

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There are so many ideas to talk about surrounding Flow. My plan is to share some techniques on bridging the gap between art and science, my two favorites.

In particular, I will be covering how to optimize Flow in all areas of your life using  Heart Rate VAriability (HRV) to monitor stress, decrease over training & over reaching, and enhance performance.

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If you are continually stressed and lethargic your ability to find the bliss like state of flow will be seriously compromised.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a way of measuring your overall system stress/arousal levels.

HRV is specific to the individual, which really allows for an individualized approach. That's the cool thing about us. We are constantly adapting to our environment to survive and reproduce (General Adaptation Syndrome).

We always fall somewhere in  between the FIGHT or FLIGHT or REST & DIGEST responses.

Stress is stress, your body doesn't know the difference. Contrary to popular belief, not all stress bad. It mostly boils down to intensity & duration. That is why there are acute (right now) and chronic (long term) reactions to it .

Plain & Simple, Heart Rate Variability (HRV)  has been a game changer for me.



For more than four years, the first thing I do nearly every morning is take a two and half minute reading to determine my HRV using a heart rate monitor and an app on my phone. 

HRV technology has been used by Russian Olympians for decades and has now carried over into western mainstream strength & performance, as well as mental health & psychology

Keeping a close eye on my HRV has deepened my holistic understanding of the human body, how it responds to stress, and what to do for optimal recovery. Over time this has allowed me to learn how to apply the minimal effective dose of training and be able gauge my mental/emotional status much more effectively.

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The human body is wonderfully complex. Each bone, muscle, tendon, organ, or thought thing is intricately connected. To better understand it, we must first compartmentalize it, but then put the pieces back together and look at the big picture.


So, if you are curious, creative, and open-minded this event will cover all your senses.

The event is in the peak of summer at a beautiful quarry where you will get to camp and immerse yourself in a plethora of open, creative, physical and intellectual stimulation.

Merging Art & Science!?!?!?

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What’s not to love?!?

I'm beyond excited to have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from a group of creative, open-minded melting pot of seekers, healers, and movers. I have to much more to share with you here at the Flow State Summit, I can not fit it all in a blog.  Please come and check out this content as well as that of the other presenters.  Take advantage of my 50% off offer, space is limited.  

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