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Hello fellow FLOW seekers, my name is Charleen Hess, I love and do ALL the things! 


Whether you  know me as a Hair Stylist, or a Personal Trainer and Movement Coach teaching Tacfit, Clubbell Yoga or Heavy Clubbells  or as an Inspiring Leader, Radio Show Host, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach... whatever title you like, they all accomplish my same mission, to guide people into deeper self discovery to help them step into their calling, shine their light and share their gifts. Right now, I am SO excited to share the First Annual Flow State Summit with you for 50%, take advantage of my invitation until April 10th here


To sum all of that in a nutshell, I am a Transformation Empowerment Coach, I use all of these modalities combined to guide others to a deeper self connection, mentally, emotionally and physically,  I believe as we fully connect to ourselves through Body Mind and Spirit we enable ourselves to show up more fully in the world.

With our light shining bright and our gifts in hand we share the flow of life with others naturally.

I have spent my life searching to find connection, meaning and truth in all things. I have sought out spiritual teachers, gurus and religious leaders.

I have read and studies dozens of self help books and I have played with all the fitness systems and modalities looking for the perfect movement system only to discover there isn't one.

1487984_10152256725447868_1140765328_o (2).jpg

There are many!  

Every search I went on no matter the topic led me right back to ME.

As I discovered that truth is relative, and that what is right for one may not be right for another, I began to accepted the reality that I am the authority in my own life.


We all are.

This is when everything in life began to open up for me, everything began to flow. My passion to share this awareness with others in hopes to lead them to freedom has led me to focus my energy on leading others to deeper self discovery.

Sure we can say that we already know ourselves and I would agree, to some level. But the unexplored deep inner world of our hearts and minds is where all the magic lies. This is where we store our beauty and gifts.

It is about letting go of the story given to us from our family, culture and society and writing our own story from our heart, that inner self that dreams the things that don't seem possible, yet our heart is calling for. As we discover and remove the limiting beliefs that we have attached to we can free ourselves to live an incredible life of freedom, and find flow in all things.

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For me, Flow happens as I connect to myself fully shining my light fearlessly. When, without thought or self judgement, I naturally share my gifts with others which allows them to to the same. As I connect fully to myself I then can connect more openly with others.

This is why I am so excited to be a part of this Flow Summit, It is such a brilliant idea to create radical inclusion and to break down the false barriers and to bring together many masters in their differing fields to offer their gifts.

As a collective we are creating connection expansion and growth. We all have something to share and something to learn. Who knows what magic will happen, the possibilities are endless! Collaborative flow!

It's genius!

I am thrilled to be offering my gift of empowerment and share the "Deeper Self Discovery" process I have discovered in a 90 minute workshop. Through meditation, journaling and movement I will lead you on a journey into SELF. You will be given the tools to investigate your old story and its limiting beliefs and begin to write a new one.

It is my desire to help you experience a life of purpose full of passion, adventure and play.

I believe when you begin to live from a deeply connected place you will naturally step into your calling and shine your light and share your gift. This is how we change the world, one conscious awake powerfully alive person at a time.

It is such an honor to be part of this amazing community of incredibly gifted humans. I am thrilled to participate in the many workshops, learn new skills and make new friends. A whole weekend of connecting and being in flow with other like minded people? Sound good to you too?? CLICK YES PLEASE! See you there!

In Flow,

Charleen Hess

Summer Huntington