Systemic Movement, Healing and Flow State // Summit - David Hardin Style

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My name is David Hardin, and I am an exercise physiologist, celebrity trainer, TACFIT Field Instructor, and a consultant for fitness-based businesses.  I am so excited to be an ambassador for the first annual Flow State Summit! 

Take advantage of my special ticket pricing here before April 10th to get 50% off.In fitness, I specialize in pre-and post-injury, helping those in extreme situations understand where their pain is coming from, how to decrease it, and how to increase their quality of life through smarter training, better nutrition, and a stronger mindset.

In business, I use my experience to help companies grow by focusing on things such as increased organization, better goal setting, and a focus on staff development.

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I am honored and super stoked to be a presenter at the Flow State Summit. I will be leading a workshop that will focus on increasing mobility, decreasing pain and tension, and strengthening the body as a whole.

There will be a mix of clubbell use, Systema movements, gymnastic drills, but also breathing techniques and restorative exercises. The goal will be to demonstrate how to sync exercise movements with breath work to help establish flow.

What is flow?


Flow is more than physical.

Flow is an all-encompassing mindset, balance, acceptance, contentment.

Flow is happiness.

While it takes hard work and dedication to attain flow, every single human being has the tools inside them to reach it. Flow doesn’t magically happen overnight. To achieve it, you must show commitment, discipline, and be willing to practice constantly. The more you work towards it, the easier it gets, and the more you do it, the better in life gets; such as being able to see the good in people, not letting the little things bring you down, and noticing the beauty in the world.

And who doesn't want some more of that!?


Being in flow-state also includes the physical, such as being able to overcome pain and having a strong functional body. There are many ways to achieve flow. For me, it starts with one small step at a time. I find that creating morning habits, or rituals as some may call it, have the biggest impact. Waking up a few minutes early to do some mobility drills, adding a daily reflection or meditation, preparing a healthy breakfast or meal prepping, taking a cold shower to shock the nervous system,  or even taking a long walk or run with the dog.

Completing something every day to improve your life. Doing this on a regular basis helps get me into flow.

Flow = a happier life.


Have you ever felt like you deserve better? That you’re meant to do something different with your life? Has the corporate world sucked the joy out of your life? Come join us at the Flow State Summit.

By just attending will these things be magically fixed? No, of course not. But, surrounding yourself with others who felt the same way at some point can; people who strive to achieve flow. People who have a desire to better themselves and the world, even by doing something like donating a man bun to kids with hair loss :)

Welp, I did it. All my hair is gone! I donated over 9" to Children with Hair loss.  @cwhl_org

Welp, I did it. All my hair is gone! I donated over 9" to Children with Hair loss. @cwhl_org

So much of the world is stuck on the merry-go-round, watching the days, weeks and years go by way too fast.

Break out of that cycle!

Are you happy? Are you living the life you want?

If not, do something about it. Attending the Flow State Summit could be that needed catalyst to make the desired changes in your life. Connect with other like-minded people, share dreams and passions with each other, celebrate life. Don't hesitate, invest in yourself here with the early bird discount of 50% off! Who knows, it could be life-changing!  Will I see you there?

Summer Huntington