Manifesting Flow on the Water // SUP Yoga

Hi, I'm Lyndz Kelly, a recovering perfectionist, life long student, observer and learner, but most of you know me as a long time Vinyasa and Yin teacher at Elements Hot Yoga.  I am beyond stoked to be an ambassador for the first annual Flow State Summit and part of the leadership team that is bringing this amazing and affordable event to the Bellingham community and beyond.  Register here and take advantage of my 50% off early bird special. 

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Being on the water, snowboarding Baker pow, getting lost in music, exploring deep woods, or getting centered on my yoga mat makes me feel the most alive. 

Of all these connective places, it was on the mat I found my strength, my power to transform and to create.  On the water I found my softness, my ability to relinquish control and to float on.

By combining the two, I developed my mission: to provide the tools to as many people as possible to let go of whatever is consuming them, help them understand and cultivate their flowstate as well as incorporate it into their life.

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Stand Up Paddle board Yoga is a solid fusion of balance, playfulness and intuition. It's a chance to slow things down and experience a complete sense of presence in the body, mind and soul.

When we practice yoga in a studio, it is easier to mentally leave the room and get lost in random thoughts. SUP Yoga demands your attention in the most enticing way, requiring you to trust, surrender, and soak in all the sensations without needing to escape.

The SUP + Yoga Workshop I will be offering at this year’s FSS will cover some paddle board basics in addition to a complete vinyasa style practice I’ve designed to specifically cultivate a hyper-focused state bringing the mindful movement of the breath in connection with the rhythm of the water.

You will be given plenty of options to modify during the practice so this workshop truly is for everyone.  You do not need any prior paddle or yoga experience to attend.

SUP politely forces you to stay in the moment and encourages the breaking of old habits by blending aspects of nature, activation of muscles you didn’t know you had, oh and the occasional fall and splash (I like to think of it as the ego going under!)


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In positive psychology, flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

I found my idea of Flow after graduating the University of Florida in 2012. I was dying for a fresh start in the PNW so my boyfriend (at the time) and I planned a loose route along the bottom half of the country with the goal of seeing as many National and State parks as possible.

For 2 months we lived completely in flow, letting each day takes us where we were meant to go. It was absolutely magical. We camped most of the time, cooking our own food and keeping little treasures from each new place we experienced.

There was no resistance, no forcing, no let downs because there were no expectations. Since then, I have focused on releasing the tight grip I had on myself and the illusion of control. To be like water, as the master of flow once said, is truly the way to happiness.  

I am so excited to be a part of the first annual Flow State Summit for many reasons. I see this event as a union of those interested in movement, art, energy, and flow so that we can share, connect, experience and grow.

When we come together, the magic happens. I have no doubt that this year’s event will birth a recognition for the power and expansion of flow arts in Bellingham and far beyond. In the short time I’ve been in this town, I have felt welcomed with arms wide open and I’m stoked to just give back. To share something that I love with people that may not otherwise have the opportunity.  

Even if I leave with only one authentic connection made, it’s totally worth it. I hope you will join me in this experience, a magical immersion of music, art, movement and flow.  of Register with my early bird discounted tickets at 50% off here and come connect with us on the water. 

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Summer Huntington