The Art of Play

Meet Rafe Kelley…

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I am a natural movement, athlete, think and teacher. I am teaching people to reconnect to their deepest motivations, their bodies, nature and tribe. To live a richer more vibrant life and become the most heroic version of themselves. 

How can someone integrate flow into their movement practice? 

Flow is triggered when we are both highly challenged and highly competent, when were embedded in rich environments, deeply embodied, taking risk, and connecting to others. 


I believe the most important pathways into these states revolve around the primary play behavior found in every culture in the world.

Locomotor play, Object oriented play, and Interactive play. I think the best expression for these in our culture, are parkour and adventure sports, juggling and circus arts, dance and martial arts. 

What is the most powerful experience you've had related to Flow Applications? 

Running along the edge of a cliff in a rain storm, vaulting, leaping and sliding while releasing the emotion from a fight with my wife. 

What is the most recent moment of complete Flow in your life? 

Front flipping between to trees where gap between them was narrower than my shoulders. 

What are your other best life hacks / self care practices? 


1. Go outside, get sun light, 

2. Take a walk every day at least a mile
3. Play

4. Be in Nature
5. Eat real food

6. Sit on the ground if you can rather than a chair
7. Get consistent and sufficient sleep

8. Only use screens when you have specific reasons too

9. If its not leading you towards vibrant immersion in nature, deep intimacy with your fellow humans and becoming a better version of yourself let it go. 

What puts you into Fear state, and what do you do once you realize you are there? 


I do not seek to escape fear, fear keeps me alert, rather my goal is always be riding my fear and never ridden by it.

Generally I find my fear jumping between cliffs and tree branches, and sparring with skilled martial artists. Funnily enough though the most intense fear I have felt recently was actually freestyle rapping in a cypher for the first time. In any of these situations the process is observing the fear, orienting to what is causing it and taking action to resolve it. I use breathing and shaking to calm the nervous system and visualization to map out what needs to be done. 

Rafe Kelly is one of our F.S.S 2019 Facilitators. Interested in attending? Tickets here.

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