Music and Movement! What More Do You Need to Get Lifted?

Gravity Lift- Dj + Yoga Duo


The Dj: Jordan Goff


Who are you and what are you up to in the world? 

DJ, Yogi, Philosopher, Psychonaut, Podcaster, Mushroom Enthusiast, Cider Maker, Aspiring World Traveller & more. Currently I'm combining each of those interests in an effort to affect change in the lives of those I encounter, which in turn gives me satisfaction and meaning/purpose to my life.

What is the most recent moment of complete Flow in your life?

Complete Flow has been an elusive mistress throughout my life, but two factors always seem to play a role in our relationship - Yoga & Music. Whether it's teaching or participating, listening or performing, combining the two yields the greatest success rate for complete Flow. A most recent memorable state was participating in a class where the teacher (my wife, Antonella) was playing a mix I made. It allowed me to fully immerse into the music, knowing exactly where it would lead, and then dive head first into the yoga portion of things, a place where intuitively she and I connect so well that I can usually tap into where she'll take us next.

What puts you into Fear state, and what do you do once you realize you are there?

Stepping outside of my comfort zone and leaving things up to chance. I like to have a plan, but I know that often times those moments where all your plans fall apart leads to even greater experiences for all those involved. The key for me is quelling the anxiety, which starts with focused pranayama, and then once the anxiety is gone, allowing intuition to guide me. In my experience, the Fear state is the fast track to the Flow state. Just make sure you're ready for it ;)


What are your other best life hacks / self care practices? 

I absolutely love floatation therapy, AKA isolation tanks. Dedicating an hour to myself to float into another dimension is so helpful in taking care of myself and centering. I've devoted my full time career to things that I love doing, which sometimes limits the ability to turn off the working mind while engaging in the usual self care practices (yoga, meditation, etc). Floating allows me to step away from all of that, especially in regard to our tether to technology (i.e. social media). 

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Yoga- Antonella

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Who are you are you and what are you up to in this world?

I am an ever evolving being attempting to level up myself and all of those I encounter through adventures in love, yoga, music, and shenanigans. 

What is the most recent moment of complete Flow in your life? 

When I teach a yoga class with Jordan (hubs) DJing, there are moments that seem to escape time and reason. I feel so connected with him, with the students, and the music...all things just seem to melt together effortlessly. 

How can someone integrate flow into their movement practice? 

In our yoga teacher training, we turn on music and ask the trainees to just move intuitively. Forget about sequencing and rules for a moment and see where their creativity takes them. They always seem a bit awkward at first but soon embrace the flow of just being in their bodies.

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What are your other best life hacks / self care practices? 

SO MANY! I'm a pro at self care :) therapeutic acro, Thai massage, isolation tank floating, cooking healthy meals with my kiddos and the music blaring, spontaneous adventures with my babe, firm boundaries with toxic family members, gratitude journal, meditation moments, yin yoga, intermittent fasting, snuggles with the doggo.

What are you most passionate about in your life, outside of your career? 

My kids Bailey (19)  and Jackson (15). They are amazing humans and I feel so grateful to have them in my life!

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What puts you into Fear state, and what do you do once you realize you are there? 

I spent most of my 30's working through abandonment and trust issues, so now at almost 42 I rarely (thankfully) ever feel them creeping up. But when I do it usually triggers a fear state and that reminds me of how far I've come. So crazy to think I use to live in this state daily! Meditation, pranayama, and non violent communication are very helpful tools that I turn to when the fear state starts to creep back in. 

Summer Huntington