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This is Camellia Nieh-


I am a multimedia artist, linguist, adventurer, and mover. I'm fascinated by how exploring the boundaries of our human potential--physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, energetic, creative, etc--empowers us and brings us into the present moment.

In my physical practices, I enjoy exploring and teaching the fusion between dance, acrobatics, and physical theater--using movement as a vocabulary to communicate on multiple levels. As a visual artist, I use photography and videography to explore and share what I find beautiful and interesting in the world.

Through practices such as ceramics, slacklining, and acrobatics, I explore and practice balance, trust, communication, patience, and listening. I teach, train and perform worldwide, and have a home base at the Lookout Arts Quarry, an art center with a focus on foster creative expression and living sustainably and collaboratively. 


What is the most recent moment of complete Flow in your life? 

I can dependably find flow through my solo movement and artistic practices, but for me the greatest thrill is finding flow with other people: in movement, music, or another creative modality.

When I teach, I strive to facilitate the experience flow within partnerships and groups. We begin this process by dropping into sensitivity--starting with stillness and breath--and then exploring improvisation with attentive listening, curiosity, and receptivity.

How can someone integrate flow into their movement practice? 


Different keys can unlock flow. Some tools that might help include: tuning into the breath, the sensations in the body, the emotions, and allowing movement to be an intuitive and authentic expression of what is felt.

Another tool might be moving to music, or using improvisational "scores." Sometimes greater freedom and new pathways are found by imposing restrictions.

Embracing new challenges and exploring edges can be another way of unlocking flow. 

What is the most powerful experience you've had related to Flow Applications? 

Finding the synergy achieved when two beings are in a deeply attentive and receptive state of flow together, responding to subtle nuance and co-creating movement with such sensitivity that the line between leading and following, initiating and following, is completely blurred. Most often, this happens for me in contact improvisation.


What puts you into Fear state, and what do you do once you realize you are there? 

Fear can be triggered by the unfamiliar, or by an association or complex related to past suffering. When I notice fear, I try to deconstruct it and recognize whether or not there is real danger, and if so, whether I can work with that danger in a safer way--i.e. using spotters, a safety harness, or progressions to train a new skill. When emotional fear arises, it often signals an opportunity to move into vulnerability and deeper connection.

I recognize that fear and excitement are essentially the same emotion--the difference is our receptivity to the experience, and I practice intentionally moving into fear and exploring it. Slacklining, swimming in cold water, hand-to-hand, and performance are all explorations of working with fear. They are also practices in being curious, being present, engaged, alive, listening, feeling, connected to the Self and the Other.


What are your other best life hacks / self care practices? 

Really listening to my heart, body, and soul, and trusting what they tell me.

What are you most passionate about in your life, outside of your career? 

Living with awareness and an open heart.

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