1st Annual

Flow State Summit

Elevate • Connect • Re-Wild

Flow State allows human’s to make positive behavioral change.

Our highest purpose is celebration of creativity, human connection, expression of Flow Arts while honoring our precious natural resources in the Pacific Northwest.
— Flow State Summit team

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Key Leadership & Facilitators


Summer Huntington,MS + Adrienne Beattie  
Clubbell Yoga & Structural Medicine Bodywork

Ancient teachings with a modern approach to access Flow State, we key in on fascia. Flow State Summit is about skill sharing, creating, connecting and merging modern and ancient tools at the Lookout Arts Quarry. 

LeO Savage
Mace Flow 

Leo is known in some circles as the Savage. He embodies strength & grace in Mace flow, and had been building his body of work around cultivating the 'workout artist'. Leo has a passion for swinging steel Mace and will be holding up to 40 person workshops at the Summit. 

Minta Allred
Embody Love Movement

Minta leads Facilitator trainings for the Embody Love Movement, a non-profit that raises awareness on positive body image. She holds a degree in Yoga science, and is passionate about helping young women see themselves for who they really are on the inside. 


Come as you are.

Prepare to fully step into Flow and rewild yourself at the Lookout Arts Quarry - a space that exists to create art & performance.

Sauna & clothing optional swimming area. 


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play again.

Flow State Summit is about cultivating an experience on a somatic level, creating meaningful connections and embodying flow in all aspects. From camping in the woods, community breakfasts at the outdoor kitchen, morning yoga jams on the floating dock, workshops all day transitioning to ecstatic dance parties by night… you will be moved.


Flow Arts & Workshops

Mace Flow / Clubbell Yoga / Poi Clubs / SUP & Acro Yoga

Handstand  / Embody Love Movement / Flow Arts   

Mobility & Restorative 


Flow State... limitless potential

The Flow State Summit is founded on radical inclusion, personal leadership, radical self expression and ‘positive psychology’ principles of Flow State that are as old as time.

"When we step into FlowState, action and awareness merge and we become completely present. We loose self consciousness and our fear of being wrong, and we can reconnect with sacred creativity. "

In Flow State, we make choices that serve our highest truth, and help heal the planet. Each headlining workshop leader, visual artist, performer, music artist is aligned with this message of healing the planet and healing ourselves.


We designed a Flow State Summit Prep Course for YOU!

You want in? All tickets will be sold in the form of our online prep course. To ensure that you are prepared and ready for this adventure.